Private Client Fees

Please note we do not offer legal aid. If you would like to look into the possibility of legal aid funding you should contact a Solicitor who offers this service.

This service if provided for private clients only and fees are payable in advance. It is not possible to give an exact list of fees as every case is different. But below are a few example which will give you a rough idea. 

Police Station case / Advice and attendance for interview. £600

Magistrates Court first appearance / Obtaining papers / Conducting a phone conference / advice on plea / attending 1st hearing. £1000.

Magistrates Court trial set for no more than one day. Including all litigation / preparation of the case / as many  conferences as required either via phone or in person. £1600

Crown Court 1st appearance. Obtaining papers / Advice on plea / Attendance at Court £1400

Crown Court trials. Preparation and all litigation  for a Crown Court trial including conduct of a one day trial £3000. Additional days of trial from £900 depending on the complexity. 

Appeal to the Crown Court. £1900 inclusive of litigation and conferences.


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